"Photography helps people to see."  -Berenice Abbott







     Elliott Erwin, a photographer I admire, once said, "The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don't have to explain things with words." This quote sums up my own passion for photography and my belief that photographs help us understand a moment when words aren't enough. I am a former social worker, a mom of three, a wife and an artist. My career as a social worker and events in my own life have taught me to see beauty in ALL people and to never take relationships for granted. When not working I like to put my feet up with my family on our farm, enjoy summer camp as a counselor at Joni and Friends, and dive (scuba and sky). I speak fluent East Texas. I may or may not know all the words to an embarrassingly large number of Poison songs, which I may or may not sing out loud. I love Jesus, Willie Nelson and old church hymns because they remind me of a time when we all sat still and knew life was good.

     I have always taken pictures! Even before I could hold a camera I used my fingers to frame a special moment and clicked an imaginary button to try and capture it. Now, with each photograph I believe I am giving my clients a future gift from a time they can never revisit. My primary goal is to exceed your expectations and create beautiful, original art for your walls in a sincere, authentic and ethical way. I find great personal joy in preserving interactions between people. Real is perfect to me, and my photography philosophy is simple: imperfectly posed and perfectly candid.

     To create the best possible photographs, I believe you must be having GENUINE fun! Social work taught me two important skills:  how to make the uncomfortable comfortable, and to embrace a challenge (I'm looking at you, unenthusiastic husbands)! Whether you are a "normal" family, celebrity, antsy child or a special needs family, I guarantee you will enjoy our time together. I promise I will never pinch your child's cheeks to get a reaction - but I may ask them to check their sibling for boogers! My sessions are laid back, casual and full of shenanigans. I take a theatrical approach to my photographs and often use Anthropologie window displays as inspiration. I am crazy about props of any variety (the quirkier the better), and enjoy helping my clients choose their wardrobe style to achieve exactly the right mood. Browse my gallery and you will see dramatic, vibrant portraits full of personality and wit. There are no boring walks through the park for me - unless it's an amusement park!